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We understand. Video conferencing can be frustrating. We make it better.

Meeting Savers

Ever had a bad video conferencing experience? Join the club. We're the missing link.

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Starting from scratch? Wondering about existing infrastructure? Exploring ways to improve?

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We’ve got what is necessary to make the technology work for you, not against you.

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9Clouds Adams Thermal Systems Highest Health Chiropractic Avera Hospital Cain Ellsworth & Company Vance Thompson Vision Keystone Treatment Center Zeal Krier & Blain Learn. Create. Build. Lemonly Nordtroms Automotive SDAHO Throne Publishing Group USD Prairie Family Business Association Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls Lifescape Docutap


"Sidewalk Technologies owned our video collaboration needs from day one and continue to support us as our needs change. The best part is having a partner that understands video collaboration is not a one size fits all sort of solution."

- John Meyer, Lemonly

“We cannot imagine having gone through our CEO hiring process without video conferencing; Zoom and Sidewalk Technology have positively changed how we conduct meetings and trainings!”

- Tonya, Lifescape

"Sidewalk Technologies went above and beyond for us! They worked quickly, professionally, give you a clean set up that works flawlessly, and they do it affordably! We highly recommend them!"

- Nate DeJong, Highest Health Chiropractic


  • Are you another video conferencing platform?
    No. At last count there were over 50 in existence and we're pretty sure the world doesn't need ANOTHER video conferencing platform. You're welcome. So what are we? We believe in the power of video, and we're here to change the status quo of defaulting to a conference call. Our service supercharges existing platforms and using video crazy easy and powerful. Instead of dreading another video conference, you'll look forward to it.
  • What is Meeting Savers?
    Almost 50% of video meetings have something go wrong that gets in the way of the meeting flow. Its no wonder most people default to the phone conference. That is too high to have confidence in a communication system and consider it the first go-to option. Plain and simple our mission is to "save your meetings" by dropping the number of times something goes wrong to zippo, restoring your confidence in the video platform you use.
  • Do you sell video conferencing equipment and platforms?
    You bet we do and we're super choosy about the ones we sell. From cameras, to headsets, to microphones to full turnkey room systems we've got what you need to make sure the technology gets out of the way of your meeting.
  • What video conferencing platforms do you work with?
    We work with many third party video conferencing vendors. We're pretty sure you've heard of them. If you need one we can offer you some great ones. Our service wraps around existing video conferencing platforms, supercharging your experience.
  • What are you good at?
    We make video conferencing work for you, not against you. We do this by selling products and systems that are reliable, easy to use and through proactive support.
  • Why do you exist?
    50% of video conferences have some issue that gets in the way the meeting flow. Its not your job to figure out why something is not working...You shouldn't have to. Leave that up to us! We work to make sure your meetings start on time, that your video is sharp and clear, the audio is clear and there aren't any barking dogs in the background.
  • Do you provide IT services and products?
    Our passion is helping you use video to communicate better. Sometimes that means upgrading your networking equipment, improving WiFi, adding network storage, servers, phone systems, etc. You can relax, because we do all that too.

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