Some businesses choose video conferencing over conference calls to increase engagement, but a video conference that doesn’t allow for proper eye contact essentially makes it a glorified phone call. Eye contact matters, and that’s why we prioritize it through high-quality cameras and proper placement.

Did you know that the powerful subconscious connections, like trust and confidence, established through eye contact works even on drawn or photographed eyes?

It’s true, and a silly rabbit, along with researchers at Cornell University, proved it with cereal.

The researchers changed the gaze of the Trix cereal cartoon rabbit on some of the boxes from looking down at the cereal in the bowl to looking directly at the consumer, and then asked a group of adults to choose one of the two boxes.

Not surprisingly, they most frequently choose the box with the rabbit looking directly at them, rather than away from them.

If the gaze of cartoon eyes sells cereal, think of what human eye contact in a video conference can do for your business relationships. To look your clients, customers and coworkers in the eye at every meeting, call us, we can help you “sell more of your cereal.”

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