>>Amos: So we try to keep it very light atmosphere here at the office. We work in a very geeky industry and I can say geek because I’m a geek. 

>>Amos: But we want it keep light, fun,… today everyone talks in a British accent 


>>Amos: British…lets talk British today.

 [crickets chirping] 

>>AMOS: um…

>>Amos: Our customers are the end users of video customers and so we want to be able to relate to them and have fun with them. So we want to make sure our staff is light-hearted but still have a sense of urgency but be able to calm our customers down in case something happens.

>>Amos: We also just want to have a good culture here in the organization and just have fun doing what we are doing because ultimately we are helping our customers and that is a fun thing to do!